Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold is my first original collaboration with DJ L'Atrox (@Latroxofficial).  I hope this song inspires you live the life of your dreams and to pursue what truly makes you happy! 

Listen to it on SOUNDCLOUD and buy it on iTunes.

Written and performed by Emma Kidd.  Music produced and mixed by DJ L'Atrox.  Vocal recording by Grammy-award-winning engineer and producer, Alan Sanderson, at Pacific Beat Recording.

Hour of Four

“Hour of Four” is the first song that I released into the world.

The song is about a boy I met who surprised me. He made me look at things differently, and gave me a new perspective on people. He surprised me by how well he could dance, his love for country music (trust me…he LOVED it), and with how sweet and genuine he could really be.  He made me laugh in ways that I had never laughed before, and when I look back on those memories, I can’t help but laugh again.  I hope you can listen to the “Hour of Four” on replay, but most of all, I hope the song makes you smile.

Scotch Tape

"Scotch Tape" is a song meant to empower each of us as unique individuals with our own gifts to share with the world.  The song encourages you to express your opinions and beliefs, to be strong and most of all, to be true to yourself.